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Paris Rain Scape 2

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Paris Rain Scape 2, originally uploaded by dunwho.

Im balzing that same ol’ trail, soon it will be. I was in a cocoon, a vest of waves and sirens… drink and food… cold and hot…and cool…cooling insides, frozen outsides. Aic conditioned souls, warmth in the hands of menus and low beds. Messed up houses and reflections lost on concrete, roads to nowhere, darkness in a city of lights, lights in a world of darkness.. hours on the walking sticks, hours on the walking mind… broken minds…fixed minds…happy happy minds.. loved souls… admiration in actions… backstabbing… backstabbing backstabbing…. all for love… all understood… last rain of the heart.. first rain of the soul…its a cold soul… i wish it to be warmed in the future, whether in the system or in my system;;;

vibrations are required! we need to relate you and i… i know you have history, i study ur history but listen to me… and i will listen to you.. i want in on your soul, on your youth …. oon your darkness… i want your insides, and the underground. You hide it so well…. and it may be lost to your old enemies….but dont let it go…. let me in man…. we can relate..

and so my back screams…less sky tears please


Written by Dave

April 6, 2008 at 11:06 PM

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