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Sound Movement

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Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

This is a new time of existance….. for me…. for everyone because of me. May i lay my hand upon it, voice it, read it…. achieve it. Ah to achieve… i need to release all that holds me back, all the desires, the hates, the heavy stuff that one shoulod never hold for too long.

I’ve been holding on.

Everyone around me right now have no idea, they go about the daily purpose…. the money in their heads…. the desires in their hearts, pumping through their veins…. it embodies them. They carry their own problems….

…They have been holding on.

It seems the whole world is holding on, success is when you decide to let go, and ACTUALLY let go. But it starts in the heart… with those desires come understanding and knowledge…..”its been 14 times..and thats no lie!”

Im not surprised! One should always desire to be the greatest, tyhe most knowledgable about what they are doing, about what they love…

and so these vibrations in my….. the splash in my consciousness…in my pool of memory…and the reverberations are endless…

Im not going to let go of this…..and if that means holding onto the painm, the desires and the hate…. so be it. Im not lettin this go..

Ive been holding on not long enough.

And so the line vibrates with every beat, every noise i have already heard, already vibrated so much the line is no longer so tight.


Written by Dave

April 21, 2008 at 2:59 PM

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