In The Black Box


A Response to "Time" – from "The Existential Crisis and other Musings" by Mo

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Holding on
have i any need to wait and see why? Its in my ears, yet even when i take the vessel away it remains in my temples
flowing across my contents
is it not there forever?

Is this even an issue, can it ever be over.

I have placed my hand upon it
clicked it into eternity
this can never be fully destroyed
its out there somewhere
we seek eternity through our actions
we want to beat this giant shadow
i click everything i have into eternity
sifting through the net
and my ears are united with the rest of the world
with the world who wants to preserve me
me and my time
me and my reason

I try to find reason at night
this black box
this home

so strong
but what else?
i would scream for this understanding
i am in silence
my temples talk to me
my mind is free

its quiet here
this is in time
this is time i cant share

in these words
in moments of noise
in it all i am cutting every wrist
this is in time

with every thought in this silence
bouncing of the sides of me black box
i am dying
and time is in this.

Time is irrelevant
because time is in this
and now that we have created time has become irrelevant.

“At once a voice arose among
The bleak twigs overhead
In a full-hearted evensong
Of joy illimited;
An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,
In blast-beruffled plume,
Had chosen thus to fling his soul
Upon the growing gloom.”

Thomas Hardy “The Darkling Thrush” (Extract)

And so we sing


Written by Dave

April 25, 2008 at 12:59 AM

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