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Sound Movement

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Sound Movement, originally uploaded by dunwho.

It hurts inside…. its got me to the core, that i gave it so easily in the end. Lost my mind. Lost the soul of the situation, drunk with regret. Nothing ends however, and the world still calls to me…. ha the world.

Little ground stars… certain as the sky…. as certain as the suns, the countless suns…. we create the clouds…. but it was certain then as it is now. I will never forget those stars….those flashes of lightning, lightning without thunder. Only my mind can spoil that time…. and i let it….

This is me in the picture.. why let anything spoil that…. this…this is us.

So build on that… read all you want…. the sun will go down, and shit will occur in the ground….shit will occur…. but the lights will always turn on…. the stars will always shine….even without the rythms….even without the powersource….sound is always capable….

it was just a bad beat, and the audience understand…it was just a mistake…a blip a misunderstanding.

The communications are still open….and i still smile when they do… i still let it get under my skin…. each one goes at a different time….responding to ur touch…. and my mind ripples….and my eyes look for it. each one goes at its own time…..but there is always a pattern

there is always a reason

It is never just once…but that is because of the pattern

Yet you will always remember…. the stars were shining so close to the earth

the stars


Written by Dave

April 29, 2008 at 2:29 AM

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