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Lost Feeling Plotline

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Streams of it, full on rivers, latch it on to my brain and see it go. Yum

So nothing worked, tried it all but here i am sitting on time, on a fence made out of opportunity. Take what i want. take what i will do.

Take it all.
I cant believe that happened, he just dropped it? and what a way to put it. without any consideration for anyone else, where did you put it? Do you know (Because she clearly doesnt!) oh i think she does (Because you clearly should die slowly)

Ahht here it is, deep rooted,
get that down and sink.
nod your head, and sink.
get that down and everything goes

anything wants it, you want it.In the light, you need it

Let it drop into your life, two beats, two beats.

Let that drop

Head to the second of your choices, the third. there is always another option.

let it return

different this time, you got a new face. better

inside. out on my indiscovery.

And so we all died, and so we all screamed. And the world was saved.

Yes let that drop slow down. feel it on the palms of your hands. add a little more. and were moving, slowly droping down. and were in it. All the yes’s and the no’s are no more. all the tell them’s and dont tell them’s are irrelivant. all the anger.. all the tiredness , its all for shit. Let it drop down and move. let it take over. and be happy.


Written by Dave

June 16, 2008 at 1:33 AM

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