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Round – Far Away – Circle

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We step one foot this way and that…i can hear in my left ear… lets crack this bread head. One more go, one more try . and now my fingers are sore – thinking too much…breathing too much – Relaaaaaaax

So where is this? And what does it look like? Why exactly are we here trying to attain perfection with such a small thing? Surely i could be throwing shapes this way and that – on the face of things, on the face of these tiny metal sheets, we have lines and false promises.. this way that way, up and down…we will create the shapes you want sir, we will fill your wildest dreams with perfection.. more than mere pleasure yes? And we counted up from one, again and again, and we tried to forget the later numbers.. we would cry if the monkey was to pop up…i the world was to collide…lets now break our bread to this tune! Lets try and keep things to a minimum…minimum Numbers please minimum is maximum and where is that metal sheet now? Trapped – and i am running away from form – fuck the function…

the function is killing the true form.

the unplanned? lets not talk about that…lets just laugh at the fact that today a new form is available…its not based on numbers or on confidence…its based on opportunity outside of regulation – self appointed form – individual form – unprecedented, unregulated, unplanned form….and we kick it because we can …. we kick it for no reason but to kick it then….two seconds ago…. yes!

That was is… fuck that we don’t need a result of reason.. here on the forefront of yellow parks we fringe the youth of going strong going hard going as far as going goes and from that you have grown from that you have been in the heavens of our reason in the heavens of out unreasonable reason, our lack of reason, our painful …

stop… its not painful… thats why I’m stopping…its anything but…

these are the shapes of everyday… these are the shapes of today.

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Written by Dave

September 24, 2008 at 2:53 AM

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