In The Black Box


New Black rimmed automiotive junction headings…dont let me break you in two… im working on making you magnificent!

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…and so it happened.. Where do i break the ties holding onto all those youthful thoughts that rim the hearts of home.. kings of my mind, the things that keep me straight. i sit at your table and ask for anything that will make this work… anything that is required at this time…yes…all….nearly everything.. and in the home we have a hole developing and in the new home holes will be vacated and filled… point that lens in new directions, point it to new people and stones and walls that have not yet been introduced…my mind invents the scenes, invents the places and the people… my mind likes to take control and invent this stuff… i’m not going to lie mdear it isn’t going to be a walk in the park but today everything is that bit easier…

you guys always knew how to hit it hard on a good note…on a resonant note,, on a good note.. you know it! you can feel it! yes you can

your words were so honest , that’s true my man, the new home for you is indeed honest and trust worthy…you have nothing left to fear now except the gratification of others and myself… your new home is solid and your new way of thinking is spacious…

and now we fall into the daze of a new place..

Visit for the full experience.


Written by Dave

October 6, 2008 at 4:09 AM

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