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There was Definitely no way around it…

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Have you sorted that out yet? i didn’t think so… and now here i am wishing i had it in my hands to profess my brilliance! Alas…you are late, again, nothing ever changes i guess. Do we need to rationalise this.. the street outside is busy when it wants to be… the sun is shining when it wants to be… i dont feel like i can say… “oooo there is that weather again!” as if i know what i am talking about Yet another new thing…seems to be the new thing these days….new things….

Even thought many THINGS are the same… it just doesnt make that much of an impression…

..ehm could you speak slower?… i mean …. could you spell that out.. i dropped mine..

And so another adventure into the sticky mess.. its a very symmetrical sticky mess here… im impressed actually! no more conflicting views and interrupted vistas…the city has taken care of that with one fowl haussmanian sweep… my mind will continue the disjointed conflictions…

…like that…like this… ike….like IKE…

And again

Visit for the full experience.


Written by Dave

October 9, 2008 at 12:46 PM

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