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And so i am looking onto you, my teples reflect this new yet very old way of being… i am not inside, i am looking in, and the things that disrupt you move too and fro.. one more and we would have unity again. One more and peace would have peace. Lights in my temples… i want to know what it is like… i want to control you and understand.. then i could visit where i want to be… these fireworks would exist n reality and in fantasy… with this i could have one more minute.. however false… however real..

Joined at the hip i will wait and wait for the right time to save this… save everything.. you crackle a little… and hop along… who was that? i dont know if i looked or not. Its got to be you on that edge.. You sent it to me, that which i could not find, and its rythms so familiar sound so much sweeter from the place i wish to visit…

visit… is that what it has become now? Temporary…. not normal…. different….foreign… dissimillar.. strange…. you may not have balance….not…. nothing…. you may have little in the way of structure , that of trust or shame….u have nothing… but i want it just as much as heavy air.

hearing it….not seeing it.. thinking it…not feeling it.


Visit for the full experience.


Written by Dave

October 12, 2008 at 12:20 AM

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