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One more box to do there….

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I started last year with a new idea, and I am happy to say that as we light up another I was sorta successful. …


I think i’m going to make a little more sense today…just to wrap things up you know.. round things off nicely…

maybe a little explaination is in order..

where do I begin?

2008 was always going to be a big year, i had known for a long time that myself and my friends were going to spread like wildfire over the following 12 months so i decided to try and take advantage of this. In January i decided to start something i called “The Finder Project” ( in the hope of giving myself a little more direction and perhaps generate more interest in my music and writing.

Ok….IT FAILED! I accept this outright… it was far too ambitious and i had neither the time nor the money to keep such a project running. While i managed to release a first batch of cd’s in Early february containing the Night Reasons collection there was little or no response so i decided to scrap the idea for the time being. …

but there were some benefits from the whole experience. . I discovered that the idea of giving each months body of work a title (January was “Night Reasons”, February “Closed systems” etc etc)gave my work more structure and made it easier know when and where i had made something. Furthermore my work within these months started to become themed by the structure itself. Songs would play off themselves and a unity would start to form. I was happy with this because it was clear in my writing too…

Months went by and some were more successful than others, some were more meaningful than others and some barely even happened.

In June or July or…i dunno but i had my first gig while i also began djing … equipment also became better and by the end of the summer i had reached a proficiency and direction with my music that i had never had before.. while the gigs were not yet there i was happy that if it was i would be ready and able.

And then i went to Paris.. to ignore the fact that my body of work nearly tripled during my time in Paris would be ridiculous. It was and continues to be my most productive period yet and definitely most experimental. However i was lacking a lot of equipment and any exposure whether it be on the internet or otherwise… i was working hard and distracted by nothing (well nearly)…

And now that we have reached 2009, i am happy that in the past 12 months i have taken many steps towards many things in many different places and in many different ways….

And now i must look at 2009 and decide what to do now..

and i dont think it is going to be the same…

gotta keep moulding…..
and i sorta know already but where would the fun be if i told you what it was!?

here is a list of 2008 musical work you can find it all on my many internet sites..

January – Night Reasons
A lesson on the Past
A Lesson on the Future
Slow City Burn Down
If We dont get there on time, the wine is going to be gone and I am not talking to that woman sober!

February – Closed Systems
The Loss of Mist
Copper Chair

March – Head of Bear
Crazy Junior’s Garage Sale
April – Lost Piece
Kings Throw
Times Between Hunger and Wired Life
The Wired Earth

May – Paper Cuts
Southern Growth on the Mood and Fly

June – Evolution
Chop it, Slice it, Eat!
We’re all on Opposites

July – Blind
Create Your Greens and Blues
It makes you Shake Cold Rivers
On Hold

August – Often Lower
Deep Roots and Every Single Heart
Inside Boy
Spine the Curls and Spring

September – Over Seven Heads
Shapes Of
Good Heat
And Exhale
Ask Again
Sent Ages Ago
Word Me Landscape
Heavy Little Drops

Live – Shape Of
Shape of Metal Sheet
Shape of Numbers
Shape of Glass
Shape of Rolling wheels
Shape of New Silence
Shape of Falling

October – Calm
Another Fourteen Hours
Without the Usual Explosives 1 & 2
Over Action Over Action000
Heart Of The System

November – Grain on Sand
Open Season
Polar Rush
Hundred Bridges
Jupiter Joined Like Any Other
War (Shit Shovelling Remix)
Peppered Water
Up Up Feather! GO!
Crawl and Wait
Prometheus Gives
Prometheus Gets
Sights on Full Power

December – Mountains
Union Groove
Orange Rip Banana
Healing Song

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Written by Dave

December 31, 2008 at 2:34 AM

Long Days in Window

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She came out and asked him what he was doing there…he looked uncomfortable to say the least… he wanted whatever money they had left it seems…and she, with her head wired to her radio, looked formidable and provided protection for what it was worth

he walked away empty as the bank

They stood waiting, guarding their ground, waiting for the booze, for the money to arrive, and time it passed, land was gained…more to protect….more to use! Guiding it slowly between €100,000 and €70,000 the booze was landed….safes filled with prospect and christmas saved for the tramps and trilionaires alike…

The flower pot took a holiday from truck invasion….probably somewhere on the pacific coast?

Hello…..taking my picture i see….I’m over here!…..excuse me!…..FLASH…..

light fills the story book… i press rewind and look again …. the world grinds slowly to a halt, for a moment there is nothing until as slowly as it stopped the world began again, but this time water fell up and morning was in the west… until FLASH….. present picked a power play and poked its head into the limelight…

hello again….you got me this time….now stop looking at me

i have stuff to be payed for.

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Written by Dave

December 19, 2008 at 4:39 AM

And heavy is …

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…you think you have it all under know how it looks, how it seems, you believe what you feel is good..

in fact


you two dont seem to believe anymore, is it not silly? Now!? in this place and time? am i glue? and who are you to take my judgement as yet another pointless quibble?

dont do this for me…but dont pull apart the threading, the anchor i wanted for so long…and still desire.

there is a lot more you dont see….dazed… obstructed….afflicted… misled.. you woudnt care….i think now that you are just waiting for a reason…

and holding everything in control…waiting to let it all go

because you can

because your stuck

i am nearly too much in this light

the covers have been pulled the curtains too…

too much in this light

so we will change it ok?

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Written by Dave

December 16, 2008 at 3:18 AM

Union Groove

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You would elongate and emphasise the writings on the other side of everything. You would try and make THAT difference, you would try and bring a change. YOu would try and hold it all together. Unify.

You would sieze the day, you would sieze the money, the children the cars the holiday bonus, the justifaction, you would try and sieze it all. You would try and bring it all together. Unify.

And then

Its over.

Ah well it wasnt that much fun anyway. I ned to spend a bit of money and have my insides checked for wires…

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Written by Dave

December 14, 2008 at 8:09 PM

Orange Rip Banana

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Its rolling again… these rhythms, thick, full, pulling at my brain, injecting multicoloured plastic into my mind…massive hardened brain cells… all colours now its all i see
push it in push it in

pumping hard rhythms is all i hear

and now my soul is in the right place…slower place… more chance in this place, more interesting in this place, more cold in this place but more heat. there is more for me in this place…

gloves today

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Written by Dave

December 14, 2008 at 8:08 PM