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Whiz past me whiz on up again… again again again…

im still wondering why again?? yet more pondering, yet more nothingness to talk about to the home team…. “ah sure you know its grand like…y’know”

All this to look forward to..

and all this to look back too…

white rolling hills, high mountains with dandruff… lakes that create and destroy… rivers that hide the evidence.. bubbles of white and blue empty height … lets buy into that… and it was warmer above than below….brighter above than below… and the world was empty and the world was colourless.. shaken… etched… sketched… not quite this and not quite that…

and here i am…within the uncertainty…. sitting on uncertainty… lying on uncertainty…

lets drink the magic… lets remember the happier times …are they as happy as now?

cus if happiness came in colours i felt a big white one today…

same ol’ same ol’ what more can be offered… ive got to go look i guess..

ill find it.

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Written by Dave

January 8, 2009 at 12:57 AM

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