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11-365 (Storm in a City)

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I did’nt know how best to take a photo of a storm. Well it’s not quite a storm yet, high winds and all but a bit of rain or hail wouldn’t be too much to ask for now would it? It’s nights like this that i can nearly feel the other people that are still awake.. everyone is disturbed by the banging and gusts of wind. It’s just not like a normal night. There is always something so strange about a storm, a special event… you feel that it means something sinister, or perhaps to take a Shakespearian approach, you feel that somebody somewhere is coming to a low point – exposed and out in the wind and rain, naked to the elements, their souls are being washed clean by the Gods, all the mayhem and agony within them is unleashed upon the Earth…….. and after…peace, calm, understanding, realisation, happiness returns.


I got rained on today, though it was worth it in the end… happy news could mean tougher times for me, more testing on the brain, but definitely better i hope. 


More good vibrations from the neighbours.. its so handy its rediculous…talk about landing on your feet.


Echoes fall on deaf ears however and my heart tightens.. a little more when those movies that are just right hit the spot and send your mind to another in another place…




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