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Never underestimate the power or the youthful brain.. real ideas thought out for everyone to see.. projecting thought patterns and moving shapes on the walls of real modernity. I tried my own hand at it, and as usual cought up with the maintainance of the colourless and the patterns which echo from it. The extraordinary briliance of Damian Ortega’s “Champ de Vision” leaves you guessing right up until the last moment. World of colour and thought, a room full of the potential power o the unknown…full of curiosity while also full of the secret that everyone secretly wants to maintain..the secret keeps it sacred. 

And the rest was different, always different.. wild changes in thought and creating from the designs of Ron Arad...its always hard looking at perfectly good chairs in a museum and not being able to sit in them. My poor legs brought me to the already seen and the usual which was nicely unusual and changed…they always change things… its refreshing. 

Back in time to the vibrations in my ear and how they bumped themselves off the shelves and into my hand. The Super Rail Band emit rays of happiness into my mind as i take one step at a time towards a clear mind… the power of The SoulJazz Orchestra emits deep pulsing memories of Antibalas in the morning sun at Electric Picnic. .. and Underneath the Radar origins finally great my air with cheese and claps of clarity not heard in years.. this pill i will swallow to qualify the medicin. 

And friendly vibrations from my left make life happier for two more hours of the day that i exist these days.  Very welcome.. 


And back once more to the land i go…thank god.


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