In The Black Box


19-365 (Multiple Vibration Reports)

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The city swallowed me deep today – no energy, no life, my punishment for deep damaging grooves the night before – these forces will grow and this rigid structure will be destroyed. 

Head ached to the noises through my head and foreign tongues fell deaf on ears of disinterest…. yet there was light to behold when the snake spit me out once and for all.

Echoes from the night before ran through my eyes as my mind wondered towards forbidden noises.. yet keys were found the rewards were fantastic!

“The auld Triangle” – Bob Dylan and the Band

…before i knew it the vibrations of times past long forgotten within my local sphere were upon me… and i wondered how a voice so pure could fall on deaf ears for so long… hello Terry Reid.. welcome to my mind

Timetables may fall apart and pieces of sanity clear from all existance, yet in the wind are always echoes of reality and vibrations to keep you going.. one more breath one more step one more everything and before you know it its the next and the next…then its home time


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