In The Black Box


History and Label 5 Whiskey

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Nothing is harder to comprehend, you said inside your head to the voices that you heard and lost again. Nothing is harder to understand and yet we try and try again and mess things up within the home of everything we own and everything we know is true. So why is it that we do it, why is it that we strive to be the others when ultimately we are ourselves? Yet without this desire and without this incomprehensible urge we are nothing and will never develop or design. Design the ways of new thinking and new endeavor..

Wait and again wait? why is that so long inside it all, that noise, i cannot hear it, that noise i thought i removed, has in turn removed my intentions, wait wont you stop it wait wont you stop anything…that sound is a wall of everything, that sound is a wall of thought that we are everything but the subject of and subject to.. why don’t we put it all together these broken parts, these jigsaw pieces…if they are to be so closely intertwined then surely they will mix so well…we will barely notice will we not? But of course these things do not match and to fit they must be altered and adapted….we need special tools for that do we not? we need an element that is unique and a master craftsman to work the machines…. and who is that…we feel that familiar molten lava in our minds burning at our thoughts….its there somewhere but we must chip and grind away at the pieces until they fit in such a way that at the very heart of our creations one more element must be included… and that piece is fashioned by our minds and the world is designed a new piece to influence the next…. and the next and the next…

Yet this world is joined in new and endless ways… this can be so easily destroyed and taken from us…this world is no longer hospitable for the developments of creation…advance they scream as they hold us back!


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