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29-365 (Mix Day)

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some excerpts of my conversations with the computer today


[“……Well…if i can throw my two cents in… its 3.57am for me… and i havnt managed to bet asleep before at least 2.30am in ooo maybe 7 months […]but i have gradually come to cherish my time at night…its quiet.. and not just literally but mentally… i mean when you think that the whole world is asleep at the one time (at least in your part of the world) then you realise that there is some sort of extra space in the “collective subconscious” its like you have more space to think….and so at night time i create all my music and do all my writing…when i dont have to get up in the morning i get up about 2pm and go do whatever i have to do… i take photos, i get ideas, i have experiences, then the night comes and i process them… and i create as much as i feel necessary.. thats my space….. my place for expression and thinking..
so i like it… and i dont try to change it too much…. i like the silence and the bizarre that only occurs at night…

but boy do i get fatigued… and i understand that aspect…because as much as you may try to excape for most of the day there are always things that will get you out of bed earlier than you should…and its hard to live both lives….. very hard…..”]



[“….. don’t exactly DJ myself but we all have to start somewhere right? Well Sonic Acid 3.0 is what i started on, and i believe Sony have bought it since, and these days i still use Sonic Acid Pro. 4.0 …
..but like i said i don’t DJ, when i started makin music i would sample a lot of stuff, because all i had was a semi-acoustic guitar and a pedal and input into the computer…so finding that beat to work with your own music and realising that your own music was never at a constant beat….well….needless to say a lot of “fixing” went on….

..but these tracks…eventhough today i am quite happily producing music …. these first tracks mean so much to me now… the amount of work and time…and the mistakes… so nostalgic …ha and it was what… not even that long ago…

but i guess what im trying to say is that while you may push for the more advanced equipment its the stuff that you produce when your still just banging spoons off pots and pans….thats the stuff that you need to remember when your waiting for your shiney new computer to render another 2hour mix you just banged out on your top of the range gear…. remember those days and apply it to your new shiney gear… cus if you put just as much effort in you will come out with something mad…

well thats what i think anyway….”]


and so the mix was made


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