In The Black Box


30-365 (If This…)

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If i had every second to spend inside that warmth between me and this… if i had every chance to see this… if i had a moment to hear this in my ear once more… if i had a chance to wake up to this every morning… and if i had a chance to to watch this fall asleep every night…. and if this wanted to offer me a chance to share it all… and if this asked me to keep it all quiet…. if this was nothing more than a proposition to take a chance…. if this was waiting for me… if this was always looking out for me… if this beat the warm vibrations from any instrument or box of sound… if this shone light into my quiet nights….if this was as quiet as the city streets …. if this was as free as any thing between me and the sea… if this was locked in a room and i had the only key…. if this was asking me to drive faster so as to feel the wind a little faster …. if this had watery eyes out car windows…. if this hit notes that were deeper than deep….if this hit highs without the sighs…. if this was a great book… if this was a sad movie with a happy ending…. or if this was a happy movie with a happy ending…. if this yelled the same hillarious lines from the same song all the time…. if this could read me like a road sign….if this lifted the fog….if this cleared the cobwebs….if this made smoke signals…. if this was longer, faster, shorter and generalised….if this was heavier on the bass and faster on the riff…. if this was a conversation in a pub at home…. if this was a secret told between friends…. if this was a walk in the park…. if this was a terrible situation that we all laughed about…. if this was going to change everything…. if this was the right chord to play…. if this lifed the crowd and everyone was clapping….if this is the right name….if this is a good situation….if this joined the hip bone to the leg bone….. if this pulled together all the bones….. if this changes the song….if this broke the camera….if this holds up the pictures on my wall…. if this fixes the camera…. if this breaks me in two…. if this never ends…. if this never stops and we’re all standing here with each other on the same line….. if this closes before i get there….. if this starts the rain….if this ends the cold…. if this will make my clothes dry today…. if this will make my phone beep when i want it to….if this will make me smile…. if this makes me walk faster…if this makes me think clearer…if this makes sense…. if this is positively going to end well…..if this ….is.


then why not?


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