In The Black Box


Heavy Edits on Broken Loafs of Happy Bread (57-365)

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All of this loving gun, working hard and playing the little trumpets and banging the great big drums of heaven and earth this most beautiful thing that we love this most beautiful rhythm the lose sounds of life, the heavy drumming of a thousand and one green hearts and souls ,  hundred billion yellow taxi cabs in zoo panoramic scenes, beeping horns in the light rain as the souls of the past walk away from expensive circus performances with a genius in sand and a lightning hat shining BELIEF BELIEF on the heads of the others who had never dreamed or even conceived such possibilities, these things my dear are the works of great gods in capes screaming heaven down upon the earth in great big bags of lost sounds and perfect rhymes, this is what we all dream for lines of cabs running in time to the heavy need and turning 180 on a small road without a stop this is the need this is the want this is the everything… and who am i in all of this…… the guy with the two little black things singing in my ear…telling me stories from another brain…telling me that the city is moaning…that the sun is rising yellow out of a man hole on the corner of 53rd street… and we all know its true you just have to click on the right buttons and not lie about it because you want that attention you want that soul bearing click, those words from a real mouth that i am in your head just as they are in mine. we all want it… lets not beat around the burning bush… we all want it..


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