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DO YOU? (85-365)

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Will you flip the switch…. blow the walls of the joint…. flip it and let the air fly.


These new vibrations send my ears running for their hard hats, in fact these sounds were made in a far away place a long time ago and only now have landed so violently on my ears…. in dark rooms full of madness and true true emotion did craziness result in such deliverance… these brush strokes on the air… these vast swathes through the liquid atmosphere are pure gold to me… i could eat them for breakfast lunch and tea… with cookies before bed time… with water in the sun… naked and clothed… alone and surrounded by the world…. 


..This is perfection.

So lets flip the switch shall we? unlock the vast spaces around us… let them into this space… this place where people are wanting to be…wanting… spending time… thinking of it… hearing and enjoying… full of words and suggestions… full of happiness… achieved.. more… more … more…


And the vibrations, so familiar yet so new, rip holes in my brain as the sound gets sucked within by pressure change… my mind explodes with mass… its full of process…full of thought….full of meaning… full of chance and perception of chance…. full of certainty.


Lets flip the switch captain…lets make this direct! YES! We are a go! We are central… we are flowing like jet streams in liquid sky… we are motion in motion, we are void of friction, unstoppable, lucid, unfathomable, loss of meaning, of matter, of existence, of energy, of light and soul, we are essence, we are element, we are flipping switch. We are go. 


And on the brink of trying, looking at the possibilities and challenges… we can do that surely.. ill put that aside and live up the other… we will make it all worth while.


We will link this to that, and that to those and we will make sense of it, and these years and hours and minutes upon seconds will all amount to an understanding and a push into the vast unknown, all the while moving, motion, anchored yet free, moving yet still


is it possible?


365 Update: 63 – 84

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Sorry for the long delay in updating this, but i have been on holiday… so deal with it.

In no particular order…


Written by Dave

April 26, 2009 at 3:30 AM

And in this….

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Grinding heavy sounds rip through the peace we had endured for so long… dust removed from the eyelids and ears given a fresh lick of paint for the new season…near misses and close encounters, this has got to be done or else the boat will surely be gone.

Get you fucking head out of your arse you ignorant excuse for a man..

….and then there was a release and an understanding… one forgets the happiness you can achieve near an open window on a beautiful day listening to Marvin Gaye whip lyrics of beauty and love round flowing rhythms and pulsing beats.. nothing can ever replace these days.

Muscles hurt.. all of them inside and out, missing the usual knowing i wont have to for long.

And the practice will make it perfect.

Written by Dave

April 19, 2009 at 3:53 PM


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We breath this everyday and yet we never realise until it has left us.. that we needed it.


Non action

Thinking Action Doing Action




You have it sorted you and your Team…go do it



Written by Dave

April 14, 2009 at 2:19 AM

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Power, Power Everywhere, so let’s all throw a stone….

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I stood snapping away at hundreds of people, young and old, all out to prove a point… blocking roads, waving flags, banging drums and standing shoulder to shoulder in the face of oppression, and calling for a better situation, a more just situation…. I wasn’t convinced.

Today in Paris, the streets are back to normal, as if things had never been abnormal in the first place. These manifestations are so common in Paris and France that the act of protesting is now a cultural past-time… the students know how to sing and chant, the police know how and where to control them, the business men and women, for whom work doesn’t stop, know how and where to go to avoid the traffic, the politicians know how to humour them and how to act like they care. Come 8pm everyone is satisfied, and there is not a scrap of dirt, not a stray banner or hard line protester to be found scattered over the streets…….. you’d swear it had never happened at all…. and your left wondering why they had bothered in the first place. 

For many students in France there has not been one class or lecture since Christmas. Numerous marches and sit-ins have resulted in a stand off between the government and the students and faculty of France’s Universities who are unhappy with President Sarkozy’s tough economic reforms. On some occassions these protests have been close to erupting in all out violence with some students breaking windows and throwing stones, while union wide protests that involved not just the students but many public sector workers have resulted in nearly 2.5mllion people protesting in one day marches on the streets of Paris.

I look back to the ’68 protests in Paris which demonstrated to the world the power of the people to voice their anger at numerous issues and the Vietnam War…… it also demonstrated the lack of understanding on the part of the student organisers who’s actions led to spiraling violence and the destruction of their city streets in the hope that the Universities be returned to the people from the hands of the police.. These “successful” protests that brought a camaraderie to the people of Paris, forced an armistice from President G. Pompidou and the resumption of student control to the Sorbonne, are looked upon by today’s student protesters as inspirational… to think that students could have such power… to think that they could bring change….

Yet things are different in Paris these days, these protests are not over civil rights and war.. these protests are about money… these protests are about the  refusal to accept the end of an easy ride… 

Everywhere is paining at the downturn, the recession, the depression…. everyone has got to dig in. It is of course understandable that the people of the world should have a chance to make sure everyone carries their fair share of the load… but there is a time to shout and a time to dig in and start being realistic.

Shutting down the University system in a country for 3 to 4 months is not a realistic answer to an economic recession… and I don’t need a Masters in Economics to tell you that…. its just plain stupid…. irresponsible and anti-productive..

The relative normality of these protests and the lack of impact they are having on the everyday lives of Parisiens makes me wonder why they bother doing this in the first place if they are “just another protest”. The thousands of students, teachers and citizens who join the marches seem more interested in the experience than the struggle… they seem to know more about the experience than the struggle too.. the ability of a small group of activists to rally a large manifestation of protesters at short notice is made so much easier these days with the use of Twitter, Facebook and SMS texting… its so easy these days to cripple a country already in Economic decline… a few simple posts on Facebook and Twitter can result in…. a few thousand students who are there because their friends were going, ’68-ers who want to relive the old days, a few hardliners who would march against world peace if it meant they could throw a stone at “the man” and a couple of tourists who are there for the “real French experience”… just post it online, hope they show up et voila… une manifestation!

But dont forget, all this is cleared with the government and plice first, because it would be simply ludicrous to think they could do it without permission!

Furthermore, one wonders the validity of their claims of oppression when the youth of other countries like Moldova, who have successfully employed the use of these Internet based communities to organise flash protests, are in active struggles against corruption. While the students of Paris fold up their banners and head home to get in an hour of study before bed time, in case…god forbid…they fail to pass their summer exams, the youth of Moldova will have to wake up to another day of real oppression and bad governance… they will wake up to a real struggle, a struggle against a problem they are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in fixing.. summer exams and government funding is irrelevant when the very government that controls them is ignorant of their voices and desires…

Something tells me, when I look across the throng of french students with wavey haircuts and iphones, walking purposefully down a street in central Paris, that nobody here is angry…like really angry… nobody here is going to be satisfied at anything that can be given to them to shut them up…something tells me that if i was to return to that very spot in two or three years time i will see the new breed of Parisian protesters, with whatever new haircut is fashionable and whatever cool gadget is new and expensive, singing the same songs, and banging the same drums about nothing in particular…. because these protests are not about anything really except for the youth of France trying to prove a point to their ’68era parents, that they too can march and sing and shout about nothing and get away with it… while the rest of the world just gets on with it.


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May yesterdays plans turn into tomorrows flowerpots… or will there be time in this place,


dreams take me close to you, speaking your words and perfecting the scene…. the light, perfect, … the room, perfect…. the time, perfect…. 


open windows and morning breaks the rhythm…the dark and its hope is hunted down… my only reason to sleep if it brings me close.. 

and we all need movement..and flash and bang… and we all need rhythms at any and everytime possible…


and the city moves around us

Written by Dave

April 5, 2009 at 2:04 AM


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….and hell is full of this.. we will read from the guide book..


….or burn it with the rest and breath the words

Written by Dave

April 5, 2009 at 2:00 AM

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