In The Black Box


DO YOU? (85-365)

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Will you flip the switch…. blow the walls of the joint…. flip it and let the air fly.


These new vibrations send my ears running for their hard hats, in fact these sounds were made in a far away place a long time ago and only now have landed so violently on my ears…. in dark rooms full of madness and true true emotion did craziness result in such deliverance… these brush strokes on the air… these vast swathes through the liquid atmosphere are pure gold to me… i could eat them for breakfast lunch and tea… with cookies before bed time… with water in the sun… naked and clothed… alone and surrounded by the world…. 


..This is perfection.

So lets flip the switch shall we? unlock the vast spaces around us… let them into this space… this place where people are wanting to be…wanting… spending time… thinking of it… hearing and enjoying… full of words and suggestions… full of happiness… achieved.. more… more … more…


And the vibrations, so familiar yet so new, rip holes in my brain as the sound gets sucked within by pressure change… my mind explodes with mass… its full of process…full of thought….full of meaning… full of chance and perception of chance…. full of certainty.


Lets flip the switch captain…lets make this direct! YES! We are a go! We are central… we are flowing like jet streams in liquid sky… we are motion in motion, we are void of friction, unstoppable, lucid, unfathomable, loss of meaning, of matter, of existence, of energy, of light and soul, we are essence, we are element, we are flipping switch. We are go. 


And on the brink of trying, looking at the possibilities and challenges… we can do that surely.. ill put that aside and live up the other… we will make it all worth while.


We will link this to that, and that to those and we will make sense of it, and these years and hours and minutes upon seconds will all amount to an understanding and a push into the vast unknown, all the while moving, motion, anchored yet free, moving yet still


is it possible?


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