In The Black Box


Being there,

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Not going to lie

Brought on the old memories and wondering where in the first place

Will it not be a good memory?

will it not also be bad?

Driving slow like a hum across a frosty morning.

I remember that same feeling in a moore of south west England

I will miss that

I wanted a photo of that

I want a photo of this

Lets not miss another one

But is it safe?

All these things you had for yourself!

And to think we live in the normal,

the usual

We are so jealous…

That is no surprise

That i should be so lucky

When luck is insignificant

These things are everywhere all the time

depends how you appreciate it

I have never consider the usual as the insignificant

as i have never considered the unusual out of its context

A beautiful photo is always 

and can be anywhere

yet we travel and travel to find something more significant to call worthy of our lenses

and we envy those in the places we seek

yet they envy you and dream of you normality

this does not alarm you?

do we not appreciate enough?

can we not rely on them a little more?

I saw the light bounce of the water

I questioned my hard fought opinions and views

I wondered why i hadn’t seen it from this angle more often

I wondered why i hadn’t embraced this view from the start

I considered the term “waste” and focused in on the glass between us

I considered the possibilities

split second illumination

calculations beyond comprehension

i estimated my worth in this place

I estimated my existence

And the glass dropped out of focus

I saw the moving road flash yellow on black tar

moving water drip colours through layers of dark

moving bridges scrape holes in the paint 

buildings rip bloody into the sky 

it is the same..

though i will miss it

like i miss the sound of water lapping the southern beaches

like i miss hotel room hums in Chicago skyscrapers

like i miss the metropolis dramatics unfold through double glazing

like i miss untouched sand in specks of sunlight

like i miss the smell of wet vegetation

and the list will grow longer

yet a list to be thankful for 

and vibrations will map it out

and keep me in tune

are we not supposed to be unique?

and this will be my seen and done

my experience 

from floor to window-ledge mornings


and motion towards

separation in the most connected ways

never letting go




and governance


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