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A …. a little letter to begin the meaningful. 


Yet we use it, and i wonder how emotions are hidden inside balls of sound.. we look at panes of glass and map out the patterns, and discus the objective of the creator, why we look into these reflections of reality and reality itself. Is this wall of sound just one pane of glass… is this tone, this melody, this harmony, is it the interaction between?


And we replace the windows every day, moments between.. deep sighs.. its hidden in these balls of sound, talking about pain and love and age and hate… talking about loss and gain, understanding and judgement.. asking for emotional understanding…asking for you to read the creator.. asking for an emotional response.. asking you to open your little pockets.. because this was for you, this was about you, this was you… this is you.

And the vibrations that cross my fingers mean that to me…not to you, not to smokey dark rooms, not to the movement inside you, all that matters is the coherance, the mixtures of this and that, the momentum and the maintenance of.. nothing more, not much less.. can we not make room? it has been done before, i saw it once, i hear it every day… im listening to it right now… i did it once too, id like to do it now in this way.


Three little dots



Written by Dave

May 28, 2009 at 4:15 AM

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